Our Olive History

At the same time, we cultivate our olive trees with the same organic method.

Our olive trees produce Olivières, a variety endemic to Languedoc Roussillon, some of which are century-old.

The harvested olives are taken to the nearby mill to be pressed to produce an organic oil rich in flavors and antioxidants.

Our Land

Our olive trees, some of which are a hundred years old, produce the Olivière variety, an endemic variety of Languedoc Roussillon, very appreciated for its strong resistance to cold, with which we mainly produce oil.

Types of Soils:
Olive trees thrive on well-drained soils, often clay-limestone or stony. These ideal conditions promote olive quality, contributing to oils rich in flavor and antioxidants.

Mediterranean climate :
The sunny climate and warm summers of the Mediterranean are crucial for the optimal ripening of olives. Temperature variations between day and night preserve the freshness of the aromas, creating a quality oil with intense fruitiness.


Our olive grove is located in the middle of our vineyard.

Here, our commitment to organic farming is a promise of purity, with every drop of olive oil capturing the richness of the terroir without pesticides or compromise.