Our Wine History

In the heart of the green hills of Languedoc, the Rouanet-Montcélèbre estate stands proudly, witness to a wine-growing tradition dating back several generations. This small family farm grows local grape varieties, such as Carignan, Grenache and Syrah.

Today, the Rouanet-Montcélèbre estate is recognized for its elegant and complex wines.

The vines are carefully maintained, each cluster harvested by hand to guarantee the exceptional quality of the grapes.

The Rouanet-Montcélèbre estate is not only a wine producer, it is a guardian of wine history, a celebration of timeless passion for wine and the land.

Our Land

The vineyards of Minervois and AOP Pays d'Oc, in the heart of Languedoc, celebrate a wealth of grape varieties, from iconic reds like Syrah to elegant whites such as Colombard.

The varied soils, clay-limestone, stony, and loamy, contribute to the diversity of flavors.

Bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, the region offers hot summers, cool nights, and the tramontana, ensuring ideal ripening of the grapes.

The Minervois produce balanced reds, the whites seduce with their freshness.

The AOP Pays d'Oc, a reflection of Languedoc diversity, offers a range of expressive wines, red, white, and rosé, testifying to the art of blending and the unique identity of the terroir.


The excellence of our wine is combined with a deep respect for nature.

Here, organic farming is our commitment, preserving the purity of each bunch with a pesticide-free approach.

Our pride also lies in our "Bee Friendly" status, as we are dedicated to creating a refuge for bees, essential partners in our ecosystem.

Each glass of our wine is a celebration of this unique alliance between winemaking tradition, sustainability, and the preservation of the life that hums in our vines.